School Day

South Bolton Gardens - left hand side

Class Drop-off Pick-up
5H & 6SG 9.00am 3.30pm
5C & 6G 9.10am 3.40pm
4B & 4H 9.20am 3.50pm


South Bolton Gardens - right hand side

Class Drop-off Pick-up
2C & 2S 9.00am 3.30pm
1F & 1H 9.10am 3.40pm
3P & 3WS 9.20am 3.50pm


Boltons Place

Class Drop-off Pick-up
Nursery 9.20am 3.10pm
RB 9.00am 3.15pm
RP 9.10am 3.25pm


It is important that children know the arrangements for their collection each day and that they are collected on time. Please be aware that it can be very upsetting for them if they are not collected promptly. Please adhere to these times.