No uniform is worn at Bousfield but we ask children to wear sensible clothes and shoes suitable for a day at school. Velcro fasteners on shoes are more practical than shoe laces for young children who are not yet used to tying their own laces.

Due to the current situation, we ask that children wear P.E. kit. This does not necessarily have to be the Bousfield sweatshirt and t-shirt. As long as the children are in leggings or tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt, sweatshirt or jumper, they can take part in physical activities which are scheduled each day. No football strips allowed.

Please make sure all clothing is named.

Children should not wear flimsy sandals which do not have ankle straps as these can be dangerous. If your child wears wellies to school, he/she will also need to bring a pair of shoes or trainers for use indoors.

Please make sure no jewellery is worn to school.

Bousfield sweatshirts and T-shirts can be purchased through the school’s online payment system.