School Organisation

In this section you will find information about the number of classes and ages of the children in the school, the timings of the school day, provision for extended services (Breakfast Club and extra-curricular activity clubs), school meals and the dress code.

Bousfield is a community school which has approximately 430 children. We have one Nursery class, two Reception classes, four Key Stage 1 classes and eight Key Stage 2 classes.

School Meals

We believe that lunchtime should be one of the highlights of the day for everyone at Bousfield. Through our provision of a healthy, well-balanced meal we want to help children gain a real appreciation of good quality food and why healthy food is important.


No uniform is worn at Bousfield but we ask children to wear sensible clothes and shoes suitable for a day at school. Velcro fasteners on shoes are more practical than shoe laces for young children who are not yet used to tying their own laces.