Return to School March 2021

8th March 2021

Re: Return to School

Dear Parents and Carers,

I do hope you have all had some time to relax and enjoy the half term holiday. With the government announcement yesterday, we look forward to the return to school for all children.

Please rest assured that we will do our utmost to make the return to school a positive and enjoyable experience for all the children.

As a school we still need to put a number of protective measures in place to keep all our children and staff as safe as possible.

These essential measures include

  • a requirement that people who are ill stay at home if they
    • have virus symptoms, or live in a household with someone who does
    • have tested positive, even if asymptomatic
    • have been advised by NHS Test and Trace to do so
    • are household members of a positive case, even if that case is asymptomatic
    • are required to self-isolate for travel-related reasons 
  • robust hand and respiratory hygiene
  • enhanced cleaning and ventilation arrangements
  • active engagement with NHS Test and Trace
  • consideration of how to reduce contacts and maximise distancing between those in school wherever possible and minimise potential for contamination so far as is reasonably practicable
  • grouping children together
  • avoiding contact between groups
  • arranging classrooms with forward facing desks
  • staff maintaining distance from pupils and other staff as much as possible

To ensure that we continue to reduce risk in school for both children and staff, our risk assessment has been revised and is now available for you to read on our school website. Please read this carefully.

Whilst we want all children to be back in school, please ensure you have completed the correct number of days of self-isolation if you have recently returned from abroad.

We know that parents need to return to work but it is vital that we all follow the self-isolation rules and play our part in protecting our whole community. If we become aware that families have recently travelled we will ask that children return home to self-isolate for the correct number of days. Please contact us in the usual way to notify us of the reason for your child’s absence

Key Information

  • Children will return full-time on Monday March 8th.
  • Attendance will be mandatory.
  • Children in Nursery and Reception will enter via the gate to the Reception Outside Classroom on Boltons Place.
  • Children in Years 1-6 will enter via the back gate in South Bolton Gardens.
  • There will be a staggered start and end to the day for all children.
  • Each class will be a ‘pod’ and each year group will be a ‘bubble’ (except Years 5 and 6 who will be in bubbles with their neighbouring class – 5H & 6SG and 5C & 6G).
  • Class ‘pods’ and year group ‘bubbles’ will stay together and will not have contact with other ‘bubbles’.
  • Year group ‘bubbles’ will have designated toilets and sinks.
  • Children will wash their hands thoroughly with soap and dry them with paper towels.
  • Children will wash their hands on arrival, before lunch and after each playtime.
  • Signs will remind children to wash their hands.
  • ‘Bubbles’ will have staggered break times and lunchtimes.
  • All children will be asked to bring a labelled bottle of water each day as the water fountains will not be in use.
  • Classrooms for Years 2-6 will be arranged with forward facing tables.
  • Carpets, soft furnishings and soft toys will be removed.
  • Resources with intricate parts will be removed.
  • Children will each have a labelled tray containing stationery including their workbooks and pencils.
  • Other equipment used during the day will be wiped clean.
  • Teaching assistants will be ensuring that the classrooms are kept clean throughout the day.
  • Children will wear P.E. kit and trainers (shorts and t-shirts, leggings or tracksuit).
  • School lunches will be delivered to the classrooms.
  • We are unable to provide a Breakfast Club.
  • Aziz Hajjaj will run after-school sport club to mirror the year group ‘bubbles’ from 8th-25th March (more information to follow).


South Bolton Gardens – left hand side
Class Drop-off Pick-up

5H & 6SG

9am 3:30pm
5C & 6G 9:10am 3:40pm

4B & 4H

9:20am 3:50pm

South Bolton Gardens – right hand side
Class Drop-off Pick-up
2C & 2S 9am 3:30pm
1F & 1H 9:10am 3:40pm
3P & 3WS 9:20am 3:50pm

Boltons Place
Class Drop-off Pick-up
Nursery 9:20am 3:10pm
RB 9am 3:15pm
RP 9:10am 3:25pm

  • Parents and carers are expected to adhere to these times. We are unable to accommodate late arrivals and early pick-ups.
  • Parents to follow social distancing guidance and maintain a 2m gap.
  • We ask that only one parent accompanies their child and no dogs are allowed.
  • We ask that, unless exempt, parents wear a face mask at drop off and pick up.
  • Parents will not be allowed on the premises and should not congregate in South Bolton Gardens.
  • We appreciate that it may be hard to separate from your child but we will need you to do so.
  • Children will need to enter the premises independently.
  • Classteachers will wearing masks and be waiting to welcome the children and direct them to the playground to line-up.
  • If you need to get a message to the classteacher, please email the office and the teachers will contact you by phone or email(whichever is the most appropriate).
  • We ask that parents leave as soon as they have picked up their child.


  • Staff will be teaching and re-iterating the expectations throughout the day: encouraging children to maintain social distance in their classrooms, on the stairs and along the corridors; frequent hand washing; not touching each other, or their mouth, eyes and nose; using a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze and using bins for waste (catch it, bin it, kill it); rules about playtime and use of toilets.
  • Staff will consistently reinforce well-executed rules through praise and encouragement.
  • Please read the behaviour expectations on our website. (Nursery and Reception, Year 1 - 6)


We want everyone to feel happy and safe in school and so the initial focus will be on rebuilding relationships and ensuring children remember how best they learn. There will be a focus on English and maths, and we will be adjusting our curriculum accordingly to ensure gaps in children’s learning are addressed as well as providing support for emotional health and wellbeing and lots of opportunity for sport and fitness. We will endeavour to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, with regular opportunities for outdoor learning and play.

The whole staff are really looking forward to everyone being back together.

With best wishes,

Ms Swain

Drop-off and collections map