Learning at Home

Bousfield will continue to deliver a broad and ambitious curriculum and provide high-quality learning to be completed both online and offline.

Children will be set assignments that are meaningful, and where skills and knowledge are built incrementally. Clear explanations of new content will be delivered by the teacher or through high-quality curriculum videos by other providers.

Teachers will be able to adjust the pace or difficulty of what is being taught in response to questions or assessments, including, where necessary, revising material or simplifying explanations to support children’s understanding. Teachers will gauge how well children are progressing through the curriculum and set clear guidelines on how regularly they will check the children’s work.

Google Classroom

All tasks will be posted in Google Classroom. Children have been taught at school how to log in, complete and submit tasks. Instructions and help guides are available on the school website in Home Learning > Google Classroom.

Teachers will upload daily activities to Google Classroom by 6.00pm the day before. Lessons in English, Maths and the wider curriculum will be posted.  There will be a timetable for the week which will indicate in red which pieces of work need to be submitted. Teachers will post daily video messages to their class and children will have the opportunity to make comments and ask questions about the learning in the Questions to Teachers doc (also in Google Classroom). Teachers will respond to questions as soon as they can that day as long as questions are submitted before 3.30pm. Submitted work needs to be in by 7.00pm so teachers can prepare feedback for the following day. Teachers will be able to see which children are accessing the learning and completing the tasks.

Several of the links will be to Oak National Academy (an online learning platform established by the Government at the outset of the pandemic to provide online lessons for children). Using Oak Academy for home learning is simple. It is compatible with all devices and our hyperlinks for the work we provide do take you straight to where you need to go. Oak Academy activities only ever require your child to write in their exercise books. These activities are also marked with the Oak teacher at the time.

For other activities provided by the classteachers, children can type their work (on Microsoft Word or Google docs) or record their work in their exercise books, which were sent out last term. Either the typed document or a photograph of the written work can then be submitted to Google Classroom as an attached file.

Please note, on occasions, another teacher from the school may set the learning.

Whilst we know that each family will have different pressures and circumstances, the expectation is that the children will engage with as much of the remote learning as possible. If the teachers notice that a child is not completing or submitting work, we will make contact via phone to see how we can support.

There is no expectation for pupils to complete work if they are unwell or if family members are unwell and unable to support and supervise them. However, it is important that as far as possible, the children are enabled to keep up with their peers.

Google Meet

During the course of the week, children will be invited to a small group ‘Google Meet’ with their class teacher. We have tried to stagger the times so that siblings will not have meetings at the same time. The time of your child’s meet will be on the timetable for the week and instructions for how to access this meeting will be sent to you. To ensure that these meeting run smoothly we would ask you do the following.

  • Please mute your microphone as soon as your child joins the meet
  • For the first meeting, please prepare a short speech with your child about what they enjoyed this holiday
  • Please ensure that there is an adult present in the room during the meet

For subsequent meetings, the teacher will let everyone know what the ‘theme’ will be, so children can think about what to feedback in advance of the meeting.

Online Safety

Remember... Whilst we are encouraging the use of the Internet to enhance children's learning, we remind parents about the importance of online safety. If you have any concerns or need advice, please visit our Computing and Online Safety page.

Technical Issues

Staff will support with technical issues within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Parents can email via techsupport@bousfield.rbkc.sch.uk   

There are bound to be teething problems in the forthcoming days – for all of us! We will refine the systems as necessary and will keep you informed.


We do understand that this situation is far from ideal for you and the children and, yet again, you have a lot of information to digest. I know the pressure that this will be putting on all of you. While we very much want the children to continue learning, their wellbeing and yours is also a priority. Please contact the school via info@bousfield.rbkc.sch.uk if you have any concerns.

Please try and be positive with the children and delight in the good that they do at home.