We truly hope our school community stays well, but just to be prepared in case anyone does need to self-isolate and will not be in school for a short period of time, we wanted to explain what will happen and how your child will continue with their education.

What is self-isolation?

Firstly, the well-being of your family is the most important thing and we hope that you all remain well both physically and mentally. If you are asked to self-isolate, we do understand that this will be a worrying time. We are still here for you and can be contacted in the normal ways.

Please remember that during self-isolation this will mean that your child should

  • Not go to school or any public places and not use public transport or taxis.
  • Not go out to get food or medicine; order it online, or by phone, or ask someone to bring it to your home.
  • Not have visitors in their home, including friends and family, except for people providing essential care.
  • Not go out to exercise; exercise at home.

Work for children self-isolating

If your child is absent because they are awaiting test results or your household is required to self-isolate and the rest of their school bubble are attending school and being taught as normal, please refer to our school website. The school will post Weekly Objectives in Google Classroom.

Please use the Year Group Weekly Objectives to help you stay in line with what the class in school are learning even though your child is having to stay at home. You will see the topics, skills and knowledge which will be covered, as well as a list of handy remote learning links the teachers have selected to help keep your child on track. 

Several of the links will be to Oak National Academy (an online learning platform established by the Government at the outset of the pandemic to provide online lessons for children). Using Oak Academy for home learning is simple. It is compatible with all devices and our hyperlinks for the work we provide do take you straight to where you need to go. Oak Academy activities only ever require your child to write in their exercise books. These activities are also marked with the Oak teacher at the time.

For other activities and worksheets provided by the classteachers, children can save their answers electronically or record their work in their exercise books.

The work that we provide is likely to be new learning, matching what the children are currently being taught in school. Parents, though, are not expected to be teachers, so your child should try their best and work will be revisited when the children return to school.

There is no expectation for pupils to complete work if they are unwell or if family members are unwell and unable to support and supervise them. However, it is important that as far as possible, the children are enabled to keep up with their peers who are at school. This will enable them to slot back into class on their return.

Any work completed during the week can be photographed and uploaded to Google Classroom so that teachers can monitor how the children are doing. The teachers will create an assignment in Google Classroom titled ‘Self-isolation work’ and children can add their work to this assignment. Children should not press submit after adding a piece of work. If there are any questions about the learning, children can type them in the ‘self-isolation questions to teachers’ document and classteachers will respond when they can. Please be mindful that teachers will be fully occupied teaching their classes during the school day.

Any children who are absent from school not due to COVID-19 are not expected to complete this distance learning. These children are welcome to do so if they are well enough to but they do not need to submit the work. Teachers will not monitor nor mark distance learning being completed by non COVID-19 absentees.

Remember... Whilst we are encouraging the use of the Internet to enhance children's learning, we remind parents about the importance of online safety. If you have any concerns or need advice, please visit our Online Safety page.

Where can I find more ideas?

There are lots of resources on our website. The Year Group Pages have links to websites specific for each year group as well as lots of links for art, music, computing and physical activities. In Subject Areas, there are links to subject specific sites and fun ideas in Additional Activities, Weekly Challenges and Virtual Days Out.