Sayers Croft 2022

Day 1

Monday 14th March - We set off on the coach to travel to Sayers Croft. When we arrived we were told which dorm we would be in (Peaslake or Rudgwick). After collecting our suitcases we all went to our home for the week. Once we were there we learnt how to make our bed and were allowed to unpack our clothes. We also learnt that there would be a dorm inspection every morning so we had to keep them tidy. After lunch, both Rudgwick and Peaslake did a woods compass course and then an orienteering activity - which meant finding our way around the Sayers Croft site. After dinner we went for a night walk in the woods and had a chance to use our torches to follow a reflective trail.

Day 2

Tuesday 17th March After a hearty breakfast and a dorm inspection (improvement definitely needed) Rudgwick went to Ewhurst to do their village study. Here they compared a village to Earls Court by looking at the local amenities and doing a traffic survey. I think everyone agreed there was a huge difference between urban and rural living. Meanwhile, Peaslake did a Woodland Ropes and climbing course. After a delicious lunch, Rudgwick took part in a challenge course, made some hazel frames and had a chance to visit the Tuck shop. Peaslake did a stream study at Cobblers Brook. After dinner, Both dorms had a campfire together where we toasted marshmallows and sang songs

Day 3

After a cooked breakfast, Peaslake went to the local village to see the difference between here and Earls Court, while Rudgwick completed the maze and blindfold trail followed by shelter building. In the afternoon, Peaslake made Hazel frames and completed a challenge course. Rudgwick did their stream study and as it poured down were much wetter than usual. Back in the dorm it was hot chocolate to warm us up and in the evening we had a movie night.

Day 4

After a hearty breakfast we were ready for the day. Our hike up Pitch Hill was five and a half miles long, with a packed lunch on the summit. On our way, we spotted cows, horses, sheep, deer and some pheasants. We also tried out our wellies in some very deep mud and puddles! At the summit, we ate our packed lunches and admired the view, before playing team games. Once we got back to camp, we relaxed for half an hour before heading out to play in the adventure playground and football on the field. As it's our final night, we had a disco and were allowed to eat the sweets we bought at the tuck shop. We also packed our suitcases ready for tomorrow.

Day 5

Our last day at Sayers Croft and a couple of activities before we leave. Rudgwick did a ropes course and climbing while Peaslake did the maze, blindfold trail and shelter building.