Computing and Online Safety

Computing is an essential skill in the modern world. All children at Bousfield have the opportunity to work with computers and digital equipment from age three to eleven and are taught the skill of computational thinking.

They are taught how to use ICT tools safely to find, explore, analyse and present information responsibly and creatively in order to enhance their learning across the curriculum. They are taught how computers and computational systems work. They design and build programs and are given the opportunity to develop their ideas using technology.

In addition to children learning specific computing skills, they have the opportunity to apply their learning across the curriculum. We are well-resourced with IT hardware: two computers in each classroom, a Computing suite and several class sets of iPads. At times, we call on the expertise of IT specialists to enhance and support the children’s learning.

Teaching on-line safety is high priority across the school. Lessons include regular teaching of on-line safety to ensure that children feel confident when using computers and the internet. Children are taught how to protect their on-line identity and what to do if they come across something inappropriate or that makes them feel uncomfortable. The school also participates in the annual National Safer Internet Day.

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