Bousfield Primary School


At Bousfield, we are keen to promote the study of a foreign language. We wish to give the children confidence that they can understand and speak another language and see that acquiring a language can be fun.

Our focus language is Spanish and all children in Years 3 to 6 learn the language through songs and games, acquiring both conversational skills and an introduction to the written form.

The curriculum has a strong focus on vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. Children are taught to make links between how words are written in Spanish and how they sound. A range of resources and activities are used to enhance the learning, including film clips, games and Spanish books (fiction and non-fiction).

The curriculum is purposeful, coherently planned and sequenced, with links made to cross-curricular topics. The children also learn about various aspects of Spanish culture and traditions.

In addition to teaching Spanish, we have a number of before and after-school language clubs. The current provision includes French, Spanish and German. All language teaching is by native language speakers.