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Secondary School

Our role

Our role and responsibilities are to aim to teach your child the National Curriculum and give your children the experience of tests, revision work and completing work within time limits.

We will also provide additional support in Years 5 & 6, however, we will not prepare students for taking exams through tutoring or extra-curricular activities. We believe additional support in this manner should be provided through parents and carers.

In September, the Headteacher will discuss the process with parents and carers:

Introduction to Secondary School Transfer

Liaison between Bousfield and secondary schools is an important part of the smooth transition for each child. We have good links with all local secondary schools.

Previous Y6 leavers' destinations:

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July 2021

July 2020

July 2019

Preparing for Secondary School

The process of choosing and allocating a place at a secondary school is quite lengthy and it is an anxious time for everyone involved. The transition between primary and secondary is a big one, but we are here to help prepare the children as much as we can in this next phase of their educational journey. 

Books for Topics - books recommendations for Year 6 transition

This process starts a whole year before the children actually leave when families attend open houses. It is vital to make every effort to visit these schools to see for yourself which one best meets the needs and talents of your child. We positively encourage families in Year 5 to visit all the schools too – and to take your child. Since COVID, many schools have posted virtual tours and interviews so you and your child can work from the comforts of your home to take a look.

Historically, Bousfield students move on to private, independent and public schools. A majority will go to a state school, but we recently have witnessed over 30% of students have been offered and accepted a place in the independent sector. 

Applying to private schools requires testing on certain tests and possibly interviews whereas many public schools will require testing for admissions and/or bands to place within the classes based on educational attainment. 

How does the process work

At the beginning of Year 6, we will hold a meeting with parents to discuss the process and introduce a few schools in the area where previous students have attended. 

Broadly speaking, visits to schools take place in September / October, applications must be made by the end of October and results are announced the following March. There then follows a period for appeals, should your application have been unsuccessful.

Most schools will require a test - referred to as the 11+. We have included additional information about this.

Reasoning Test

For secondary schools, there are no set catchment areas or automatic transfers, however, you may find that certain schools accept within close proximity to schools.

As with applications to primary school, the key criteria for state schools, in preference order are 'looked after' children and special educational needs, then siblings, and then the distance from the school. Catchment areas, therefore, shift according to the number of siblings and a school’s popularity in any given year.

Resources for Parents

We suggest reaching out to parents who have gone through the process as well as conducting your own research. Each child is different and the school should be able to offer support to your child to succeed and set themselves up for success.

To start, you can check out the secondary school brochures from RBKC, and surrounding Boroughs (Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster).

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC)

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF)

City of Westminster (WCC)

You can also see the secondary school offers for admission for September 2022.