Bousfield Primary School

Parent Feedback

Parents’ views are sought in the following ways:

  • annual parent questionnaires and pupils’ annual reports
  • informal discussions
  • Open Mornings Feedback 
  • Coffee Morning Feedback 

Most recent parent and carers survey

In December 2021, there were 181 responses to the survey.

Here are some themes and our responses to these:

  • More communication
  • More ability to be updated on pupils' learning
  • More ability to come into the school

We recognise that these elements have been limited during the COVID pandemic, and we aim to increase these opportunities wherever possible. Starting with:

  • Parents/carers in the playground at pick-up - chance to be onsite, catch staff for quick conversations, etc
  • Parents invited to class assemblies
  • Reintroducing 'Book Look' whereby parents can come in and see the children's work in their classroom. 

Updating the school website.
Launched in May 2022, it is a testament to our commitment to improving communication and accessible tools to engage further with school staff and encourage learning with children.

Make more use of the school environment
We have been working to update the school both internally and externally with some really great ideas. We are coordinating the efforts of the parents association (FoB), parents, professionals, governors and the Borough to bring forward some initiatives that improve the environment for the pupils.

More news as these come together.

Actions based on previous parent surveys

The school has:

  • revised the Homework/Home Learning Policy
  • adjusted the opening times of the classrooms at the beginning and end of the day to alleviate congestion in the corridors
  • introduced ‘Book Looks’ to enable parents to see their children’s work twice a term in addition to parents’ evenings
  • organised workshops for parents on Handwriting, Reading, E-Safety, Oral Storytelling