Bousfield Primary School

Healthy Living

Healthy LivingKeeping healthy is at the heart of Bousfield's learning, active minds & bodies via in-school & extracurricular activities.

Healthy lifestyle

Physical activity, enjoying music, eating well-balanced meals and maintaining one's mental health are all elements of our special recipe for successful lifestyles.  Children also learn basic rules for keeping themselves healthy. 

Our dedicated staff integrates these principles into all we do both inside and outside of the classroom.

Physical EducationMr Aziz Hajjaj leads our physical education programme, engaging all the children to be physically active as much as possible during the school day - at least two hours of quality PE in the weekly timetable! He makes it fun - running, jumping, tossing and callisthenics - and introduces a range of sports like netball, basketball, cricket, dodge ball, handball and football to build team skills. Children can also take part in extra-curricular sports and participate in local league fixtures and sporting events.

DanceMs Alexis Butterworth teaches our dance curriculum and keeps everyone on their toes with the latest hits. Learning, thought, creativity, and intelligence come from the entire body - not just the brain! Our children build their self-esteem through movement combinations. We see children not only increase their flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina but also memory, order and sequencing skills. Students can also join her in the after-school dance and cheerleader clubs.

MusicMr Stuart Rathie is our music teacher who nurtures children's love for music through self-expression and communication using audio, visual and physical demonstration. Through whole class and small SEN groups, lessons engage students to improve their handwriting and maths. Our school performances and assemblies help to build confidence and encourage kids to spread their wings.  Children also take instrument lessons and can participate in infant and junior choir before school.

Wellbeing Corner


Mental health and wellbeing is a school-wide focus for pupils, family and staff.

We have a mental health lead who coordinates the school’s approach to mental health awareness. We encourage children to take ownership of their own mental health and recognise and manage their emotions through regular brain breaks and practice relaxation techniques like mindfulness.

Teachers have extra time with their year group partner for planning, preparation and assessment. We are committed to work-life balance so there is no expectation of weekend work.

The ride to work scheme is encouraged with staff, and most children arrive by foot or scooter – there are several areas where both bikes and scooters can be stored.

The school offers lots of opportunities for children to get their hands dirty in the garden and teachers also spend time nurturing our vegetable plants and herbs.


We are a MindUP school!  MindUP helps teachers create a classroom environment characterized by optimism, compassion and engagement, promoting resilience and fostering expressions of gratitude, empathy, and connection to others. The programme has been shown to increase pro-social actions, decrease aggressive behaviours, and improve academic achievement, especially in math and language arts.

Mind - the mental health charity - Helpful Resources
Understanding your child's anxietyHow to talk about mental health with your child

Place2Be - a children's mental health charity - Helpful Resources

Parenting Smart offers practical advice for parents and carers of primary school-aged children, including videos and advice on a whole range of situations, such as self-esteem, anxiety, shyness, friendship issues, sleeping difficulties, bullying and so much more. 
Parenting Smart

Zones of Regulation

We use the Zones of Regulation to help children better understand their emotions, sensory needs and thinking patterns. The Zones of Regulation uses four colours to help children self-identify how they're feeling and categorise it based on colour.  

Zones of Regulation Emotions Visual