Bousfield Primary School


In studying English, children develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. This enables them to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and helps them to communicate with others effectively.
Great emphasis is placed on developing children's spoken language, as this is crucial for learning to read, write, be numerate and successful in all areas of learning.

The quality of language that children hear and speak is vital in the development of their vocabulary. In the Foundation Stage, staff develop children’s communication and language through singing songs, nursery rhymes and playing games.

Throughout the school and for each unit of work studied, the children learn subject-specific vocabulary and they are encouraged to magpie words and phrases from texts. Continual development of discussion and debate, the participation in and analysis of drama, and the teaching of conventions of conversation enable our pupils to gain confidence and competence in spoken language, and the ability to listen and respond appropriately.

We recognise the importance of storytelling and ‘Talk for Writing’ in building children’s confidence and ability to imitate the language they need for writing.

There are three key areas that we cover:

These are covered on separate pages.