Bousfield Primary School

Eco Committee

We know that the children, staff and families share a real concern for the environment and want to make our lives as green as possible. In 2022, we established a children's Eco Committee to lead on all things 'green'. 

We were inundated with Eco Committee applications and nine representatives were selected from the strong (green) field to drive forward the school's target of making our school, our homes and the wider world more environmental.  They are listening to the views of their class peers and then will make decisions on such matters as, recycling, reducing waste and improving our School environment.

2022 Bousfield Eco Committee

Our Mission:  Creating a greener path to a better world!


Our Allotment

Last year, we built a school allotment to aid our understanding of where our food comes from. Our school and local community helped to facilitate it and we now have a gardening club. Our school grounds is home to lots of local wildlife which sometimes gets to our crops before we do!



 Committee will be focusing on how to reduce the number of children travelling by private vehicle. 281 children travel to school in an eco-friendly way (walking, cycling scooting). Some ideas on how to reduce the number of children travelling to school by private vehicles:

  • If you have a short journey to school, please try walking, scooting or cycling. This will be great for your health and also the environment.
  • If you have room in your car, you could try sharing with other people who also travel by car to school.
  • Please always remember to turn off your car engine whilst waiting for your child.
  • Lastly, if you really need a car, try to get an electric car or hybrid instead of one that runs on fossil fuel (gasoline) which is bad for the environment.


Indoor plants naturally purify the air and provide health benefits like fewer cold symptoms and improved behaviour. The committee has reached out to school families for indoor plants and not only do the classrooms have plants now, but you can see them throughout the halls, reception area and extension! 


School Meals

The Committee met with head chef Keita and they discussed how school meals are much better for the environment due to lower transport miles, energy use and avoidance of plastic wrapping. The Committee recommends that more healthy eating tips be added to the school newsletter and strongly encourages more children to go for school meals!

Interview with Chef Keita


Curriculum Weeks

In 2023, our Science and DT Curriculum Week was Bousfield Goes Green!  Subjects Leaders supported the staff with their green-themed projects, and each year group had a different take on the environmental issues affecting us all. The Eco Committee brilliantly curated the Eco Exhibit event, making use of the amphitheatre space and was heavily attended by families after school.