Bousfield Primary School


It is essential that children come to school every day and on time, as we know that good attendance leads to good progress.
Please read the following carefully so that you are clear about the school’s procedures and expectations.   Parents should be aware that the school works closely with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Early Help Team, to ensure that it has robust procedures to encourage good attendance and punctuality.

Punctuality / Lateness

The normal school day starts at 9.00 am and ends at 3.30 pm. The gates will open at 8.50 am and close at 9.00 am.

Children in years 1 - 6 will enter independently through the back gate and proceed straight to class.

Children in Nursery and Reception will enter through the front gate with their parents or carers.

It is important that children know the arrangements for their collection each day and that they are collected on time. Please be aware that it can be very upsetting for them if they are not collected promptly.

Parents and carers need to adhere to these times.

Attendance Policy

Absence due to Illness

If a child is ill and cannot attend school, parents must telephone the school before 9.30 a.m., and give the precise reason for the absence.   Failure to inform the school about a child’s absence will result in this being recorded as an unauthorized absence and, in frequent cases, a referral will be made to the Early Help Team.

Please note that children who have frequent occasional days off due to illness (leading to less than 90% attendance) may be referred to the School Nurse.   If your child is absent for 6 consecutive days, we will require a doctor’s certificate.   If parents are unable to justify regular absences with medical evidence, further absences will also be recorded as unauthorized and may result in a referral to the Early Help Team.

Medical Appointments

We ask parents to try to make appointments for doctors and dentists before or after school.   Where this is impossible, they should inform the School Office, of such an appointment and it will be noted in the register.   We will need to see proof of dental or hospital appointments.

At this time, we are unable to accommodate late drop-off or early pick-up.

Children cannot be allowed to leave school during the school day unless there is an emergency, in which case the child should be collected personally by the parent or named carer, and the School Office informed.

Exceptional Leave

If a child needs to be absent for any reason other than illness, such as an interview or examination, bereavement, family illness or crisis, parents must first seek permission from the Headteacher.

Parents do not have the legal right to take children out of school for holidays. If exceptional circumstances arise where parents decide that time away from school cannot be avoided, then permission must be sought in writing and before booking tickets.

The parent or guardian should complete and email to the school office at least 20 SCHOOL DAYS BEFORE the period of leave is due to start. The result of the decision on whether to grant leave will be given at the earliest opportunity.

Exceptional Leave Form

Exceptional circumstances include family weddings or special religious holidays, not spending time with family members who live abroad or taking advantage of cheap flights.

If exceptional leave has been granted once before, it is unlikely to be granted again.

If parents take children on a holiday during term time without the school’s permission or, if a child fails to return on the agreed date, the penalties are high:

  • The school can decide to take that child off the roll, which means that parents will have to re-apply for a place at Bousfield.  If the school is full, then parents will have to apply to a different school.

  • The ACE Team - on behalf of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea - can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (fine).

RBKC Penalty Notice Statement