Bousfield Primary School

Assemblies, Events & Traditions

School Asembly

Special Events and Traditions

We place great emphasis on having traditions and special events throughout the school year to celebrate diversity and to develop rounded Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural awareness. 

Within our community, we have many faiths, all of which are valued, and therefore assemblies are conducted in a manner that is sensitive to all members of the school.

All major festivals, holidays and occasions are acknowledged. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from assemblies, although we hope they will not do so, as they are a time when the school gathers together as a whole and when moral and social values are reinforced. 

Listed below are just some of the ways Bousfield School promotes Spiritual,
Moral, Social and Cultural Development.

Taken as a whole, we believe these different practices help foster the Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development of learners in our culturally diverse school, and to foster an atmosphere of cultural respect and appreciation.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development


Assemblies also create opportunities for performance, bring the school together as a community to raise money for charity and create a sense of belonging. 

The children love these events and participation and parental attendance is very high! A typical year, in addition to Friends of Bousfield events, will include:

  • Autumn Harvest – food collection and performances at local church
  • Infants Show - nursery to Y2 act, sing and dance
  • Y3/Y4 Show - juniors gather to perform magically together
  • Christmas Assembly - performances at local church
  • Bousfield's Got Talent – closely based on the real thing
  • Easter Assembly - performances at local church
  • A Shakespeare play – courtesy of Year 5
  • A Sports Day – competitive sports with children and staff
  • A Leavers’ Event – Year 6’s swansong

Good Book AssemblyA ‘Good Book’ assembly is held every Monday with the whole school participating through a virtual connection in each class - post COVID style! This is when good effort, progress or behaviour is acknowledged and recorded in our ‘Good Book’. We recognise and celebrate our students in the weekly newsletter for the whole school community to see.

In addition, there are class assemblies on Fridays where parents and carers fill the seats and wait to be in awe of the public performances of their children who present their learning in a visual and creative way to the rest of the school.

In addition, a ‘Special Mentions’ assembly is held once a term to acknowledge the significant progress made by individual children, and this is followed up with a letter to parents.