Ways to Support your Child at Home

  • Ensure your child spends 10 minutes every day learning weekly spellings (little and often is the best way to learn spellings)
  • Remember to say the word,  stretch the word, robot the word, count the phonemes, write the word, and finally check the spelling
  • Use magnetic letters, different colour pens, play dough when learning new phonemes and graphemes
  • Use phonemes, not letter names, when writing spellings and sounding out words when reading
  • Use letter names when spelling ‘tricky words’, remember a tricky word cannot be sounded out
  • When reading a school book with your child,  look out for spellings and phonemes already learnt
  • Use the Mr Thorne website/app to check pronunciation
  • Praise your child when they use phonemes to spell a unknown word
  • Play games from listed websites and have fun!


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