'Buddy Stop' designed by a Year 6 pupil
Buddy Stop
'Buddy Stop' designed by a Year 6 pupil


Citizenship and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) aims to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident and independent lives, and become informed and responsible citizens. They also learn basic rules for keeping themselves healthy and safe and for behaving well.

Through PSHE and collective assemblies, children learn about the importance of moral values such as honesty, respect, kindness, tolerance and personal responsibility. We prepare our children for life in a modern, democratic society, and we actively celebrate diversity and ensure equality of opportunity.

Life Education London supports the delivery of our Citizenship and PSHE curriculum, particularly in relation to health, wellbeing and drugs education. The life skills sessions are delivered in a mobile classroom, and parents and carers are invited to attend a session.